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two swans


What to do about Love, when your Head is so full of thoughts ;
Your Heart beating in a rapid beat,
Your Eyes searching  the horizon  - have you possibly caught
A glimpse of your beloved One in the street ?

How can you manage this Feeling, when your Head is so full of it –
Why should you extinguish  it all, while your Senses long for the other?
Is it not the most Prudent way to let it happen,  bit by bit
In  Patience  and  sincerety ,  like a caring Mother ...

And when we  walk  together – a  Promise that we made
Might trouble  us  sometimes ,  in feeling at a Loss -
For the Words we want to say  ,  already  slowly  fade
In Silence , and in  Hope that again we will come across ...

Where-ever you are , you will always be in my  Mind ;
I will hear your Voice in my Ears – telling me about your Longing
To come  Home again ; in our Surroundings, mild  and kind –
But remember : our  Birds  of Love  will always keep singing ...


Karin Aleida Vorrink
© *May 30 , 1976