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What becomes of a Human being
When he is allowed  dreaming - ?
Such a pleasant and Healthy doing –
Without these, he will ever be just as nothing - !

Nobody could, when needed, comfort him so tender,
He will grow like a Sculpture – pale and slender –
No one, but he himself can make him happy;
Only his own Torrent of dreams gives him a feeling of being lucky -!

And who may listen to  these whispered Dreams - ?
It is just a soundless chorus, a voice of hymns
Telling him  “ one day your Dreams come true –
And we  will come to cherish you !”

Be wise;  recollect Everything you dreamt before
Then this particular one will come no more –
Put it in your  Lifepack  and know what is born in  your mind
Goes the way with you  - any moment, together  and behind!

Take  it out  to dream again in learning who you  are -
As dreams never lie;  they are the Reflection of your soul
In everything you think of,  and seek for   as a husband or wife  –
They are the Arpeggio notes on the strings of your Life!

Karin Aleida Vorrink
© * January 10, 1976