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The Silence in my  Ears...

The  Silence in my ears is deafening 
In not hearing anything from my beloved...
What mystic Place is this in which you are  awakening
Leaving me in confusion – utterly moved ... ?
Where did you go to – after sighing so deep ...;
A last glimpse –gloomy around my side –
As to tell me   being almost in Eternal Sleep;
I try to pull you back – and hold you tight...


An inclining Shivering along my Spine
Makes me  observingly  loosen my Arms from you –
In your Face I sense a Smile – so paecefully fine
As to give me the promised  Clue
To learn  how it will be at the other Side
After crossing the Border into the Devine...

I will wait for your Answer;  to come in my Dream...;
Until that releasing Moment  I’m anxious for your Sign...!


Karin Aleida Vorrink
© September 22, 2007