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No definition can be given  when you get this special  Feeling ;
It’s only a sense that expresses itself without a Word ...
Just that tender Smile, including it all , is peeling off
The Shell you built around your Soul from being hurt  ...

Some day you might fall in Love – do not deny
As Love is always stronger than you are – inspite resistance
Makes you walking on Air,  as floating as a soft Sigh –
You are  like the Shadow of yourself,  lost in the distance ...

Take a deep Breath; accept this feeling you never felt before,
And let it flow like a Brooklet over the hill
In its tender murmuring way, ever-more
Giving you Trust, Faith and Health in plenty fill...

When you happen to find Love on your Path,
Embrace it, dare to let it clear  and strengthen your Mind -
Growing in  Sincerity and self-esteem,
And you will be blooming in  Life, letting the old Shell behind !


Karin Aleida Vorrink
©* June 9,  1976