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bear smal

Polar Bear at Cape Churchill (Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada)



Bear Knut, Photo Jens Koßmagk




I saw a Bear ; standing upright in front of me –
The eyes, a quick glance at me, stood firm in the face ..
What did she notice , hear or see
At the edge of the River? ;  -  it was a dace ...

Behind the bear I saw a whelp , white fur against the Sky ;
It seemed to hesitate –  whether it should
Jump into the Stream from the waterside so high
To grab the fish ;   not knowing if he could ...

And there shé was – his little Snowwhite sister ;
One paw uplifted  motionless seeking Mothers’ care -...
With her tiny black nose just like a dark blister
Was she sniffing a scent of outbursting Spring  in the air ...

Motherbear caught the fish, and  carefully carrying it away
Towards a safe place to feed her whelps and set for a rest ;
The Young followed – hungry but playful  and  gay
Attentively almost clinging  to their  Mothers chest ...

A few years later : I saw two puberty bears at the waterside ;
Snowwhite fur against the Sky – black nose in the face
Rambling sprightfully along the River ,  side by side –
In his mouth he proudly  carried his first caught dace ...!

Karin Aleida Vorrink
©* June 10, 2007