evening thoughts


Evening Thoughts


When I slowly walk through the Evening
See the trees against the Sky
Feel inside me something happening
Hear in my ears my own last Cry ...
Realize the World will ever exist ,
And  I will be a part of it –
As neither you or me are able to resist
To whom   whose flame of Love we lit  -
It makes us nothing but a shadow of ourselves before ...
Their steps like heavy Footprints are gradually gone ;
From them we did not hear a single Word  evermore ,
Their Tears have been dried out – survived no one - ...

It makes me to remember  there is no time for Anger or Sadness ,
For it will make us old and week  before our  Time ;
Let us take some Freedom in giving the Other tenderness ,
And do not wait for your Cry  or mine ...
Our Life is going on – it does not hold on for you...  lingering too long ;
It might suddenly pass by  at the Moment of no Return ...
Ask yourself on this Day in a humble Song
„Was it worth  to be sad , angry or everlasting Yearn“ ...?
Give Way to it all – be Human with reconciliation
In everything you think  or do -
In Faith,  and knowing there is always a Solution ,
And happy , blessed Days for you will come true - !


Karin Aleida Vorrink
                                                               ©* August 10, 1976