Awakening  into Eternity






Dark  Sky  above my head ---
The last red Sunrays..., peeping through a cloud
Like a moisture silken thread
Stretching out for me – no doubt...;
I wonder  where I am ...?

A humming Sound, caught up in my ear ---
Am I nigh unto the Seaside – rolling waves nearby ...?
All these vague Impressions, giving me some fear -
Not able to make sense of it; even how hard I try ...

A gentle Hand, caressing my cheek , my hair ---
A silvery Voice, softly calling out  my name
Like tiny Bells tinkling in the air
Are telling me: „Welcome , here we are all the same...“

Then, after a while the Enlightement comes clear to me ---
Feeling embedded in Love, moved to the core of my Soul
I am reunited with my beloved Ones; I am free
Floating on Air – like a little snowwhite Owl ...

From here I shall guide you through dark moments in Life ---
Walk with you, see the Sun glowing orange-red ;
Keeping you from harm – help you survive,
And whisper in your Ear: „I will take care of you ;
I am not really dead ...“

Karin Aleida Vorrink
© * May 20, 2007