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prayer wood carving


W ‘ve  got Ears to hear, but we don ‘t listen -
W ‘ve  got Eyes to see,  but we don ‘t watch…
W ‘ve  got a Heart to feel,  but we don ‘t spread  love –
W ‘ve  got a Brain to think, but we don ‘t use it much…

W ‘ve  got Faith to lead us on our way –
W ‘ve  got a wide World to live in…
W ‘ve got a bright Sky to look into –
W ‘ve got Kindness  to make us beloved…

But why, God, do we  ignore -?!-
Let my eyes be opened
My ears be listening
My voice be speaking,… 

And, most of all
Let my Heart be permeated with tenderness …
In trying to be what You intended me to be:
A piece of You, Lord!


Karin Aleida Vorrink
©*  September 22, 1977