Outside in the woods I hear the whispering voice of the Wind;
See  the leaves of the trees turning their beauty to the Sky
As if they ask the Clouds
“ Be not unkind to us – we don’t want to die…”
And the Wind takes away his longing for a hard blow –
Because he understands their murmured vibration -…
The trees are grateful; stand up proud in a row
Their faces turned to the Sun
In everlasting admiration -…

Rays of Sunlight warm the Earth; night sleep is over;
Birds burst out in singing their songs, calling out to me
To awaken myself and discover there’s something fresh in the Air
To give me a peaceful rest – let the past be…!
So will I, like those trees  turn my face to the Sun,
And know the day has come;  a loving hand stretches out for me –
Making the aching pain fade away;  I do not need to run…,
As Love makes me strong , healthy and fair-!


Karin Aleida Vorrink
©*  August 08,  1976